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J Karum


Actor / Writer / Producer

Rob is excellent at working with many different groups of people, while dedicating the time to truly understand their individual needs. As a creator, producer and actress on the autistic spectrum, with an extensive sales background and acting background, I fell into producing and writing and have several scripts under my belt. While I’ve successfully produced high-value projects, I was new to the pitching side.  My business partner who is experienced in production, but not with pitching, spent time with Rob and not only did he exhibit patience, guidance, but Rob was willing to take every step necessary to truly make sure my team and I understood the process; even if it took longer than the allotted agreed time to ensure we felt confident with our pitch.

Rob comes with a vast knowledge base and is always willing to go the extra mile to make sure his clients are happy and confident. I truly would recommend Rob for anyone needing guidance on how to move forward in their processes while strategically learning and having the tools to do so!

Monica F.jpg


Actor / Writer / Producer

Rob was able to boil down the process of pitching and pilot writing into a way that was clear and incisive. From our initial consultation, he knew my working style and how to present constructive criticism in a way that I needed to hear. He listens just as much as he speaks. I could see myself grasping the information and feedback he provided throughout the entire collaborative process, getting a better hang of it week by week. I would not have been able to take the next steps in my pilot without Rob's help and insight.

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Actor / Writer / Producer

Before I met Rob, I had no idea about the existence of a one-sheet or a treatment. Through Rob’s guidance, however, he was able to educated me on how to build these industry standards in an easy-to understand approach. He was very clear on how to format each so they flow in an orderly and eye-catching manner and also how much or how little information/verbiage is needed per section.


Make no mistake, you will be doing a lot of the homework and the writing of these supporting materials for your series (as you should....Rob is not the author of your series) but Rob is an excellent editor and will also make recommendations with his own words that you can take or leave.  His suggested additions to my treatment that were not only solid but inspiring. His contributions enhanced it and just made the materials more kickass (excuse my French, but it is the best way to describe it)!

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