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Ellen Dolan

Actor / Writer

I am late to this writing party and mostly self taught.  The guidance I got from Rob was invaluable.  I came to him for help with the logline of a pilot for a streaming series.  He walked me through the practicalities and then went on to give me useful feedback on the full script.  Naturally, I was anxious to get his input on another project dear to my heart.  My favorite baby.  Rob stuck with me until I now have a clean and well structure screenplay.  He has definitely been the artistic guide I needed.   He is clear, concise and ready for you to get to work!

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Actor / Writer / Producer

Creating your own content can be daunting. I reached out to Rob for help with my short film script. He gently guided me in the process while also allowing my artistry and vision to take front & center. In our work together he provided generous and constructive feedback, asked thought-provoking questions to get my imagination going, and gave positive reinforcement. He is kind, professional and is very knowledgable. I'd highly recommend him for script consulting.

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Actor / Writer / Singer

Rob finds what's working in your story and helps you to focus in on that and leave the rest behind.  Interestingly enough, by clearing the fluff and getting rid of things that didn't serve the theme/story, writing has become easier and more fun. This was encouraging and validating, but more importantly: it gave me the clarity to tell a more cohesive, entertaining, pitchable story.

Rob strikes the rare balance between challenging you and what you've done and encouraging you to keep going. I can't recommend working with Rob highly enough, and I know I'll be back for more in no time!

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Actor / Writer

Rob is an amazing resource for script consulting! While working with Rob on my very first short film script, he built on my ideas while providing constructive criticism, coached me through the writing process, and taught me the ins and outs of structure, which cannot be understated. He consistently encouraged me to exploring and, most importantly, to keep writing! He is dedicated, creative, and all around blessing to work beside.

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Actor / Writer

My team brought Rob on as a production consultant for my pilot. Again, I was so impressed with the time he put into taking a look at our project thoroughly with notes on our script, press kit, and helping us to work on our branding. He presented us with copies full of his helpful notes and has been always available for any questions or concerns.


I can not say enough about him!  



Actor / Writer / Director

Rob's deep understanding of context, character and story above all else helped me to produce work that was more specific and meaningful.

I'd highly recommend Rob as a great resource for those seeking screenwriting consulting, and will continue to share my work with him in the future as he always offers careful critiques and honest advice.



Writer / Director

Rob is not only a great a script consultant, but an unbelievably positive person. He makes you want to continue on your journey and never give up. He has great insight into storytelling, structure, and character motives. I had brought my TV show treatment to him. And he has helped me get the show more focused. He challenged me to make my story better and I appreciate him for that. At no point did I feel like he was imposing on the story with his own ideas. He simply tried to make sure that everything I was trying to convey made sense, was for good reason, and helped drive the theme and tone of the story.

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